Antoni Gual's Page
A coder who casually pushes the limits of QB, most recently with his excellent JPEG viewer.
Badlogic Badlogic
Home of Blitz, main coder of the acclaimed SVGA lib UGL.
A free, open-source BASIC compiler for Windows and Linux. It's great!
Genso's Junkyard II
Home of Relsoft, an extraordinarily talented ASM/QB programmer. Check out the graphic demos!
Glenn's Page
It may not look like much, but this page is a peek inside the mind of a mad genious!
Jocke The Beast Jocke The Beast
A cool Swedish cop with a knack for Tolkien. Maker of the 'Dark Woods' series.
One of the more active "technically about QB" forums around.
Pete's QBasic Site Pete's QBasic Site
Qbasic programs, tutorials, comics, magazines, and more! Home of the QB Express.
Piptol Productions Piptol Productions
Creator of kickass arcade remakes like 'Ghini Run' and 'Squealers TNT'. Definately worth your time.
Qbasic New Zealand
An up and coming community site that's only getting better each update.
News from the QB world and an active and interesting forum.
QbasicNetwork QbasicNetwork
Upstart QB site, and project page of forum dweller anarky.
A site dedicated to RPG gaming in QB. Huge selection of QB RPGs to download.
An off-the-wall alternative QB magazine worth a second look...
SIA Open Dev SIA Open Dev
A great projects site driven by user submissions. Features include dev journals, hosting for project files and more.
The Code Post The Code Post
A very helpful forum and surprisingly useful set of coding tidbits organized into one site.
Toshi's Project Page
The old, messy but always useful Toshi's resource page, old home of those wonderful demo contests.
VPlanet Magazine VPlanet Magazine
One of the best review sites for QB indie games, and more.
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