About QB45.com

Many of you here remember QB45, or better known as Future Software before it went PostNuke. Some of you might be wondering what happened to the site since then. From 1996 all the way to 2002, it was owned and operated by a person named Jorden Chamid, and he operated it long after he quit programming QB to take up PHP scripting as a living. In 2002, it was sold to Wildcard, the webmaster of Qbasicnews an all-around okay guy. He kept up the weekly updates, until managing both QB45 and Qbasicnews was too work, and so he sold the domain to Mike Doise, who now runs another programming website at QB71.com.

Because the site was still being run on the old flatfile content manager that had been there since Jorden's days, he installed PostNuke, a popular content manager. This is where things went bad. The poor templating system and overstuffed webdesign of PostNuke immediately began to draw complaints from the site's visitors. But the nail in the coffin was a long, 3-month span of downtime on the server that caused many of the site's visitors to abandon the site.

Soon after, the site was converted to a PHPBB forum for a very short while. But after the forum was rejected by its visitors, the old postnuke site was reestablished. At this point, plans were put in place to develop a new content management system for the site which then developed into an entire project of it's own, thereby losing focus on it's original goal to be used for QB45. Near the end of 2003, a makeshift perl site with a forum was put in PostNuke's place. When the domain expired in April 2004, Mike Doise decided not to renew the domain as he thought QB45 was dead. JQB45 came to the rescue and renewed the domain. The site that you now see, is the result of a project that has been in the works since early May but has only been finished now due to many "stalls" and re-codes due to major design changes along the way.
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