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SonicX version 10 released
Posted by jb on Thursday August 18th, 2005 @ 23:25:36
      It has been quite some time in the making, but the final qb version of sonicX is here. Sporting a new improved rendering system, better collision detection and an unreal basic scripting system, SonicX is much better than I ever imagined it could be. It isn't 100% finished, but this is the last release made using Qb. This is because I intend to port SonicX to the win32 compatible language Freebasic. Freebasic is virtually 95% compatible with quickbasic code, and it compiles programs which will work on all windows systems. The problem with using Quikbasic, is that I need to use things like EMS memory, and most modern windows systems can not handle EMS. So, SonicX will no longer be coded in Quickbasic.

This final SonicX release for qbasic features enemies, and is thus a major step forward for this project. It also features background music and sound FX. The level editor has also been upgraded significantly. It has been integrated with the script editor, so that basic scripts can be attached to objects by level designers. All up, this is a quality qb platformer.

Download SonicXv10 at
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