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Greetings from Beautiful Flor-i-da!
Posted by Jofers on Sunday August 14th, 2005 @ 00:17:41

P.D. Leo
Florida was discovered by Ponce De Leon in 1513, looking for the fountain of youth, which he found behind a tool shed at a gas station outside West Palm Beach. Upon his discovery, Ponce, who immediately changed his name to "D. Leo", generated a vast fortune over the next 450 years selling the water as "Vita-gro Miracle Water", until it was purchased by Coca-Cola industries in 1958, and resold as "Dasani". D. Leo, however, now owns a nightclub in Viera, and was kind enough to host a temporary HQ for QB45 until our triumphant return to Atlanta, GA. You see, we were cast out by nefarious scum-bags claiming that we didn't pay any "tacks ez" to their tribal leaders. But fear not, we are under the protection of D. Leo's powerful 450mhz K6-3 desktop which he keeps in a secret location (not Melbourne). We will be back, Atlanta, and you'll feel it hard.

But in the meantime, why not get a few download updates rolling?

Realtime GFX Mandelbrot (FreeBASIC Graphics) - DJ Peters, voted "Mr. Germany" in 1986, has sent in a FreeBASIC graphics demo that will hurl you through the depths of a Mandelbrot image, hypnotizing the weak with it's lava-lamp-like effects.

Enigma Wheel: (QBasic Strategy And RPG) - A puzzle game that, get ready, that doesn't, I repeat, doesn't involving matching colored gems falling into a well. When you are finished gathering your various jaws from the floor, be sure to play this quite unique puzzle game from a ghastly mysterious creature the townsfolk only refer to as "Gizmoguy".

It's a short update, yes, but only you can prevent forest fires.
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