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The Week In Downloads
Posted by Jofers on Saturday July 30th, 2005 @ 21:04:59
      While there weren't too many downloads submitted this week (I'm looking at you), we do have a new library and a charming little pong game, written in only 63 lines!

Pong In 63 Lines(FreeBASIC Games) - Upon challenge, our man Xerol downed a contest by writing an almost perfect FreeBASIC Pong clone in only 63 lines.

InpOut32(FreeBASIC Libraries) - A library allowing the direct use of ports under Windows, including 95/98/ME and NT/2K/XP. This library has existed for awhile elsewhere around the internet, but this package includes a FreeBASIC-compatible (read: gcc) static link library, a .bi header and instructions on use.
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