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I've Only Shared My Secret Family Recipe With Duke
Posted by Jofers on Friday July 22nd, 2005 @ 19:11:15
      ...And he's not telling anyone how I'm finding these amazing new downloads each week. We have a good update today: 5 new downloads and a tutorial, so let's get started:

RPGine Demo v1.0 - (FreeBASIC Strategy and RPG Games) A customizable RPG engine for FreeBASIC with advanced scripting? What more could you ask for? Includes a scripting reference and a short playable demo.

ArcherFire - (QBasic Space Games)
Neo-ArcherFire - (QBasic Space Games)
ASCII ArcherFire - (QBasic Space Games) Normally, when commercial publishers produce videogames, you'll have to wait a few months for it to get ported to your crummy system, and then you'd have to wait a decade for a remake. Santiago Zapata decided to sum this up with his 2002-2003 ArcherFire series, in which you heriocally pilot a craft to destroy evil aliens and other various things you intend to blow up. Well done, but Neo-ArcherFire is hard... I can't get past the first level!

Bounce! - (FreeBASIC Games) Come on... Stop lying and admit, you played that crazy kick'em'up soccer-ball (or as wierdos call it, "football") flash game over the internet. Now it's available to you who do not have the internet (but somehow have access to qb45!). Go ahead, kick up that ball. Keep if off the ground. Watch your time fly as you waste it!

RGB Support in palette modes. - (FreeBASIC Graphics) DJ Peters, German FreeBASIC enthusiest and, I guess, a DJ, has made 332 routines for use with FreeBASIC, with dithering and the whole sh'bang. Now, there finally is no color barrier left in America.

Griffon Legend - (FreeBASIC Strategy and RPG) Have you played Griffon Legend yet?? Why not!! Syn9's new action RPG is all the buzz, dubbed "the best qbasic/freebasic rpg released" by one Jocke H. Beast. Soundful version here, soundless version at Syn9's website for those imprisoned behind slower download rates.

Any 2D Polygon Collision - (Other) James "GizmoGuy" gives the world a primer in detecting colliding polygons in a twilight realm in which our beloved "third" dimension does not exist.

Well, that's it for this week, please remember to submit those downloads and tutorials!
Oh, Duke... Now I have to kill you.
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