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QB Express Celebrates One Year: Issue #12 Released
Posted by Pete on Wednesday July 20th, 2005 @ 05:12:39
      QB Express Issue #12 has been released, which marks the magazine's one year anniversary!

In this special issue, we look back over the past year of QB Express and give special recognition to QB Express's contributors. Adigun A. Polack brings us two retrospective articles on QB Express's first twelve issues, and I also share my thoughts on QB Express's first year.

Other articles include reviews of The Griffon Legend, Pixel Snake Gem Hunt and Trek, "The Evolution of GUIs" by MystikShadows, QB GUI news by Jacob Palm, two articles about the forum community and an interview with Nekrophidius. Tutorials include Part 6 of Na_th_an's I.F. series, Music Composition Pt. 3 by Matt2Jones, dumbledore's second FB WX-C tutorial, "Useful QB Algorithms" by Moneo, a tutorial on Database Design by MystikShadows, and "Coding a Parallax Scrolling Platformer Chapter #2" by Na_th_an. This is the largest issue of QB Express ever, weighing in at nearly 150 pages!

Check it out: QB Express Issue #12

Editor's Note: QB45 has won an honorable mention for the site of year category! Except we didn't win. And you know what?? It's your fault. Warren G Harding didn't say anything to you, but stay away, man, cuz' he is pissed. Not at the other visitors of the site, but you personally. Me? I'm just a little disappointed in you. Either way, this is an awesome "ish" of the QB Express, and it's a good novel's length.

Breaking News: Former president Warren G. Harding has been pronounced dead at the ripe age of 180 years, of poisen. But I believe it was because of a broken heart. Let not his final days of rage be remembered, but the many, many, many accomplishments he made in office, and the fine moral caliber of his presidency.
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