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Download Updates In Stereo Where Available
Posted by Jofers on Thursday July 14th, 2005 @ 22:42:04
      Welcome to download update #425 subset 46a, you take one ticket per guest and head to the food table where we are serving a light brunch with a mediterranean theme, and proceed to the main hall where the downloads will begin.

Cadisman: (QBasic Strategy and RPG) A concurrently named Indeed005 has delivered upon us the (not third, but) fourth release of Cadisman, an SVGA RPG grand in scope but slightly buggy at present. However, it is quite cool, and enables the user not only to kill chickens, but also invest profit made from the chickenn into a bank, generateing interest which is reinvested in alcohol and consumed! This will be a very cool RPG when finished, indeed(005).

Retrosoft Money: (QBasic Miscellaneous) Alex C (Look out, ladies, he's Greek) has submitted a wallet manager for thickheaded schmucks who can't keep track of money (such as myself). Keep track of the pettiest of funds, even interstate toll receipts (hey, I like to be thorough), this puppy is the grand poobah of QB money programs.

OMAlib SDL Wrapper: (FreeBASIC Libraries) One of (count 'em folks) three submissions today from Canadian correspondant SJ Zero, OMAlib is a library simplifying all the littl' nuances of SDL that drive you nuts.

Star Phalanx: (FreeBASIC Space Games) The Windows port of the first FreeBASIC game to be ported to the XBox. Though it's just a simple shooter, it will provide you with the tantalizing thrill of hurling through space in a metal craft, gunning down foreign fighters that I assume to be enemies.

Rambo vs Kitty-Kat: (FreeBASIC Platform Games) Rounding out this quintet of mayhem is Rambo vs. Kitty-Kat, a modern exercise in stupidity and platforming tour de force, in which Rambo is once again sent to South Asia to kill kittens, dinosaurs, and what appears to be a child in a Halloween costume. Silly, but a great show of graphic potential as drywall insulation sprays from your enemies in chunks.

So there you have it boys and girls, five Prime downloads, each meticulous tested and approved by the USDA (you are killing me, people). Don't forget to submit those downloads, and tune in next week for some hot new downloads, and a short musical presentation by New Mexico's premiere Bavarian folk band Polka Schlingel.
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