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QB45 Done Be Like Thems Chocolate Boxes
Posted by Jofers on Friday July 8th, 2005 @ 19:11:21
      Fresh this week are a some sweet downloads, oozing delicious jam from inside a rich chocolate covering:

Detective Academy (QBasic Strategy and RPG Games): Reports of Lachie Dazdarian's death are greatly exaggerated. Detective Academy is a memory game testing your face recognition skills as you reassemble the mugs of disreputable criminals up to no good: It's Mr. Potatoe head gone bad.

Pixel Gem Snake Hunt (Action Games): Nibbles the snake is slitherin' back in VGA graphics, and he just can't get enough of those gems, I tell you what. A suspicious-looking PetroBot (apparently belonging to me) has claimed resposibility for the recent downloads.

Particle Demos (FreeBASIC graphics): DJ Peters promises a 98% hippie rentention rate complementing these colorful, hypnotizing particle demos.

Passwort Generator (QBasic Miscellaneous): Do you suck at coming up with random passwords? Perhaps you would like a German alternative? This little handy utility from one "Manuel" just might be the answer for you, so why not downloaden, herr?

Warrior (QBasic Strategy and RPG Games): Manuel delivers again, with a text game likened to "Dark Woods", a text puzzle in which you play a roudy Miami detective delivering justice to the scum of the beachside in style.

That's it for today, but remember, if you submit a download and you want it on this site, Jofers is able to.
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