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Posted by Jofers on Thursday July 7th, 2005 @ 18:17:00
      If you don't already know what this post is about, turn on the news.

QB45 is not a religious site, nor is it political or humanitarian. We're a programming site, about writing computer code that is generally unrelated to the happenings around the world. Despite this, our condolences goes out to the London citizens who have lost loved ones in the recent terrorist attacks. It never ceases to both amaze and disgust me, the coolness and calculation in which some people deliberately hurt total strangers: Men and women who are targeted in blind hatred for the fact that they can be. A lot of people were hurt today, so keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Several visitors of this site are London residents, and it would be helpful if they posted a comment here and let us know they're okay.
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Date: Friday July 8th, 2005 @ 17:26:35
That debate is going on over at QBN. There's my thoughts.


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